We Build Beautiful Energy Efficient Homes Designed for Mediterranean Living

Why Choose Eco Vida Homes

We produce the WOW effect architecturally: modern, classic, or renovation.

We specialise in energy efficient, sustainably built, homes.

They are more comfortable than a conventional home.

They are more valuable than a conventional home. Research shows the market will pay up to 30% more for an energy efficient home while the build cost is the same or not much more.

They cost less to run.

A wise investment: our clients want to protect the value of their asset and have something that will be desirable well into the future and a home that complies with future legislation. What used to be a niche is fast becoming mainstream.

We pride ourselves on thoughtful design that matches your lifestyle and many small but significant details that make for a better way of living.

We provide everything from one team with a single point of communication. That is very comfortable for foreigner building in Spain.

It also means you save time and money because we tell you how much things will cost as an early stage.

We deal with everything: key ready homes. In fact you don’t even need to be in Spain.

We are regulated ethically by the RICS of London so you can move forwards with confidence.

 Call us to see examples of homes that our team have designed and built 0034 958990994

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